Try and Try Again

“I tried radio and it didn’t work!” I’ tried TV before and I didn’t see any benefit!” “I have tried that but it didn’t do anything for my business!”

Being in some form of advertising for 16 plus years I have heard about every excuse you can think of as to why a business won’t advertise. The general assumption is, “I tried it…” and for one reason or another it just simply didn’t work, or so they think.

There are many different reasons why an advertising campaign doesn’t work. Maybe the station wasn’t the right demo, maybe the message was ill timed, maybe the schedule didn’t run long enough or the frequency was watered down?

Maybe just maybe, you tried to be everything to everyone, when in all honesty your message spoke to no one in particular.

You might have been overwhelmed trying to run a business and buy a little advertising and said “what the heck” or “we’ll try it,” all the while you just wasted your hard earned money!

Try, and try again.

This time try it with a smaller one on one advertising and marketing agency. We help many frustrated business owners who have handled things on their own for many years and have wasted tons of money. We work with budgets of all sizes and we save you money when advertising. We aren’t afraid to tell you that something isn’t the right fit. Your success is our success.

It’s a new year, Try, and Try Again with The Ad Spark!

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