The Value of a Like

You want me to pay to reach the people I’ve already reached? That’s what businesses have been asking these past couple of months with Facebook’s newest roll-out for delivering content to your News Feed. It seems as though a person simply liking a page no longer ensures they will ever see content from that page.

There’s just too much competition for a person’s News Feed. Enter Promoted Posts, which is essentially pay-for-placement advertising. But is adding and steering businesses down this path essentially devalued a business’ Page Likes? The answer can’t be found in a definitive “yes” or “no.”

If Facebook has taught us anything it’s that they will continue to evolve (for personal and business use) and that we must continue to adapt in order to continue reaching the consumer. In our opinion, the value of a like hasn’t been devalued – it’s been revalued. The pieces of the puzzle have just been moved around and it’s going to take some getting used to for a lot of people. It’s not as easy as it once was, but there is still great branding/results opportunities within the confines of Facebook.

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